Fortnite Batle Royale is a free game in the fighting genre.It has a wide range of things to do with many items such as guns, explosive and even golf carts and other drivable vehicles you can use to drive around the map!

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If you play fortnite, here is a table of some of the best and worst guns

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Godly Good Average Bad
Gold/Purple Pump Shotgun Gold/Purple Compact SMG Common/Uncommon/Rare Assault Rifle Common/Uncommon Pistol
Gold/Purple SCAR Uncommon/Rare Pump Shotgun Gold/Purple/Blue Grenade Launcher Common/Uncommon/Rare Burst Assault Rifle
Gold/Purple RPG Gold/Purple FAMAS Common/Uncommon/Rare Tactical Shotgun Blue/Purple Suppressed Pistol
Gold/Purple Heavy Sniper Gold/Purple/Blue Heavy Assault Rifle Uncommon/Rare Hunting Rifle Common/Uncommon/Rare SMG